Absolute 360  IR  Palm/Wrist Support
Absolute 360  IR  Palm/Wrist Support
Absolute 360  IR  Palm/Wrist Support

IR Palm/Wrist Support

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Lightweight compression wrist and palm support from Absolute 360.


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About the Absolute 360 IR

The Absolute 360 wrist/palm support is the perfect tool to help recovery and rehabilitation. It is made from an innovative far-infrared (FIR) emitting fiber, which absorbs the infrared radiation emitted by the human body and re-emits it into the body to help boost the natural healing process. It has been found that re-emitting FIR back into the body can reduce inflammation, reduces pain, reduces swelling, and helps speed up recovery.

This support offers lightweight compression allowing for use over extended periods without discomfort. It combines function, optimal comfort, and is a great fit to help reduce wrist pain, support injured, weak or arthritic wrists, and soothe stiff joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The wrist/palm support has a low profile which is neoprene-free and latex-free, the slimline design means it can be worn underneath clothing without discomfort.

Absolute 360 recommends that during recovery and rehabilitation the support should be worn as much as possible, at least every day for a minimum of 6/8 hours a day.

Features Include
  • Material: Made from far infrared emitting fibre
  • Quick drying
  • Odour resistant
  • Universal design Left or Right
  • Moderate support level - 2/4

Absolute 360

Absolute 360 use infrared technology to set its products apart from anything else on the market. Created by runners for runners the socks and supports are anatomically designed to help the performance of the athlete, the elite runner, the triathlete, the fell runner, and the weekend warrior.  
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