Airhole Airtube Ergo Milk Fleece Snowboard/Ski Neck Chube
Airhole Airtube Ergo Milk Fleece Snowboard/Ski Neck Chube

Airtube Ergo Milk Fleece Snowboard/Ski Neck Chube

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Airhole Airtube Ergo Milk Fleece Snowboard/Ski Neck Chube Airhole Airtube Ergo Milk Fleece
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Pullover ski/snowboard milk fleece neck warmer from Airhole.

About the Airhole Airtube Ergo Milk Fleece

Airhole's Airtube Ergo is a pullover face mask that has been ergonomically designed to keep your face warm and comfortable when skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions. Milk Fleece boasts opulent warmth and exquisite richness in texture. Its hydrophobic properties ensure minimal moisture absorption, providing both warmth and dryness.

Airhole manufactures the best face masks in the business! Along with their creative and fun designs, the signature 'airhole' design expels moisture, retains heat, eliminates goggle fogging and allows for uninterrupted breathing and hydrating. Wear an Airhole to look good, keep warm and have a better time on the snow...simple!

The Milk Fleece construction ensures maximised comfort and protection in all conditions and the quick-drying Airtube is also highly breathable, promoting airflow and wicking moisture away from the skin. The hydrophobic finish resists water and prevents saturation by causing water to form droplets and run off of the outer surface, keeping you dry and comfortable and ensuring optimal protection from the elements.

Airtube Ergo's contoured shape gives for a more ergonomic fit that allows for goggles to be worn over the top and minimizes exposed skin including your neck. The embroidered airhole mouthpiece lets you breathe freely, allowing hot air to escape and prevent condensation buildup, which is the main cause of goggle fog. It is also more hygienic and has been treated with an Anti-bacterial finish so the face mask stays fresher for longer.

In a durable and versatile design, the Milk Fleece Airtube Ergo can stand up to even the very harshest conditions on the mountain.

The Lowdown
  • Airtube Ergo: Ergonomic shape
  • Double Brushed Stretch Fleece: 4 way stretch fleece contours to the face for maximum comfort
  • Luxurious Soft Touch Fleece: Ultra soft fleece gives superior face feel
  • Hydrophobic & Quick Dry: Repels water and dries quickly
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