Amplifi MK II Ski/Snowboard Impact Shirt
Amplifi MK II Ski/Snowboard Impact Shirt
Amplifi MK II Ski/Snowboard Impact Shirt
Amplifi MK II Ski/Snowboard Impact Shirt

MK II Ski/Snowboard Impact Shirt

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Low-profile, lightweight Armourgel impact vest from Amplifi.


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About the Amplifi MK II

The Amplifi MK II Shirt provides premium protection without breaking the bank. Perfect for skiing and snowboarding, the Impact Vest is made with extreme sports in mind, aiming to reduce internal injuries to the back, kidneys and rib cage and offering orthopedic support when it's needed most.

Ensuring optimum and adaptive shock absorption but avoiding the bulkiness of plastic shields, Amplifi feature an ergonomically-shaped 3D back protector with Armourgel technology - a lightweight, flexible gel which contours to natural and athletic movement but hardens on impact. This ensures complete protection whilst still enabling unrestricted motion on the slopes.

For vital durability, climate control Miharo 6.0 fabric provides temperature-regulation and abrasion-resistance, withstanding repeated use without falling apart. Along with a breathable bi-directional fabric, chafe-free flatlock seams reinforce comfort whilst a 3D profiled slip-on cut with Lycra blend gives an individual and supported fit.

With environmental conscience, the MK II Shirt's Armourgel boasts a 'zero waste production' process, upcycling all spare material into new products.

Features Include
  • Armourgel Protection Pad: mould-able armour with innovative impact protection hardening upon impact; the higher the force, the greater the resistance.
  • Certified: CE EN 1621-2
  • Non-Slip Grip Webbing Hem
  • Miharo 6.0 Fabric
  • Temperature Stable/Resistant
  • Polyester, Lycra, EVA, TPE, Silicone
The self-proclaimed “science punks creating killer products in the technical bag & protection segment for summer and winter”, AMPLIFI designs and crafts top-notch equipment for ski, snowboarding and mountain biking.
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