Armada ARV 84 Skis
Armada ARV 84 Skis

ARV 84 Skis

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The ARV 84 is a beginner-friendly heavy-duty freestyle twin tip built to deliver all the excitement you need.


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About the Armada ARV 84

The ARV 84 is designed to take all of the performance and versatility of the other ARV series models and wrap it into a package that's super fun and easy to handle - perfect for lighter riders or skiers getting into freestyle.

The ski features a twin-tip cap construction which reduces the weight of the ski as well as softens the flex, meaning the 84 is really manoeuvrable forwards and switch, whether you're weaving around the park or dipping in and out of the trees. A full camber profile means stability is as good as it gets, so rails and jump landings are no problem either, not to mention edge hold on top for when you're carving the groomed trails.

A Wood + Injectzone Hybrid core adds performance and dampening to an affordable ski. Stability, power and ease are paramount in this Hybrid Poplar/Composite wood core. For those looking for predictability and smoothness, the Poplar core delivers in all snow conditions. Finish it all off with Armada's specially heat-treated 2.5 Impact Edges that can take some real punishment, and you're left with a super-approachable, super-fun ski for anyone looking to try out their first all-mountain freestyle planks!

Features Include
  • Cap Construction - This durable and lightweight cap construction
  • Hybrid Poplar/Composite Core -Wood + Injectzone add performance and dampening to an affordable product. Stability, power and ease are paramount in this Hybrid Poplar wood core. For those looking for predictability and smoothness, the Poplar core delivers in all snow conditions
  • Positive Camber - A traditional positive camber profile is stable on piste, gives great edgehold, and generates pop in the park
  • S7 Base - This is a durable base which is easy to maintain
  • AR50 Sidewall -Sidewall on 50% of the ski based underfoot to provide durability where it is needed while keeping it light when reduced swing weight is a necessity
  • 2.5 Impact Edge - Oversized and specially heat treated, this edge is built to resist impact damage in the most demanding situations
The Lowdown
  • Designed For - 40% All-Mountain / 60% Park
  • Rider Profile - Beginner/Intermediate
  • Camber Profile - Positive-Camber
  • Base - Sintered
  • Flex - Medium/Stiff (6/10 tip, 6/10 waist, 8/10 tail)
  • Bindings - Not Included - Bindings available here
  • Binding Mounting - Will need to be professionally Drill Mounted
  • Condition - Brand new, factory waxed - Ready to Ride
Nose Width
Waist Width
Tail Width
Turn Radius
157 (Long)
164 (Long)
171 (Long)
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