Burton Step on, the most revolutionary piece of kit in snowboarding

What Is Burton Step On?

This winter continues to see the evolution of the Burton Step On boots and bindings.

With its innovative strapless and seamless boot to binding connection, it offers riders quick and easy access to the entire mountain with just two clicks - heel, toe, go!

Gone are the days of being the 'slow snowboarder' of the group or having a drenched backside due to sitting on the ground strapping in traditional bindings, with the Burton Step On® system, you'll be the first off the lift, ready to ride.

Based on true rider feedback, Burton Step On® have had some key tweaks making them even more user friendly. With these new features and exciting new colourways added to the line there is something for everyone. Check out the latest updates below.

Whether you're a hard charging seasonaire, a newbie to the world of snowboarding, a rad dad looking for a convenient solution for the mini shredder of the family, or if you just want ultimate practicality and performance in one bundle, then check out our range of Burton Step On® boots and bindings.

Why Burton Step On?

Burton Step On new colourways

New season - new colourways!
This season, mix 'n' match our new Burton Step On® colourways to find your perfect set up today.

Women's specific boots & bindings

Women's-specific boots & bindings!
Burton has released a whole range of awesome Step On boots and bindings, especially designed for women who love to shred!

Ride everywhere with Burton Step On

Every rider can ride everywhere!
Burton Step On is designed for everyone to ride wherever you want to ride - from park to powder, piste to dome, beginner to pro!

Step On Features

This ankle strap is built into the ION, Photon & Felix Step On boots.

This design allows the rider to adjust heel hold, boot stiffness and forward flex stiffness with the twist of a dial to achieve even better board feel and control.

Designed to further improve the user experience, Step On® boots feature a Cuff Clip at the rear of the boot to keep the cuff of snow pants out of the way - simply slide the cuff of your snow trousers into the clip and you're ready to ride!

These hooks, found on the front of each Step On binding, act as the secondary retention system.

An integrated living hinge allows riders to engage and exit from the baseplate in one single motion.

Toe Hooks

Pull the lever up, let it go, and the boot is released, allowing riders to step out with ease.

The low-profile, easy-access lever on the heelcup of the binding automatically resets after you step out, allowing riders to step back on instantaneously.

Release Lever

Burton have utilised the BOA® Fit System throughout the Step on® range which means you can dial in that perfect fit for all day comfort with the twist of a dial.

Streamlined cleats located on the forefoot of each boot keeps feet firmly in place when connected to the Step On bindings providing maximum toe edge response.

The toe cleats have been updated making them sleeker, silent and even easier to get in and out of.

Toe Cleats

The heel cleat located on the back of the Step On boots locks into the heel buckle on the heelcup of the binding.

Designed with the same locking teeth found in traditional binding buckles, this component offers a secure and responsive performance.

Heel Cleats

Working seamlessly with the Heel Cleat, the heel buckle acts as the primary retention system, the Heel Buckle is designed with the same functionality of a traditional ratchet buckle to ensure easy engagement.

Heel Buckle
Burton Step On Features

Check out our full range of Burton Step On today!

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