An Absolute Guide to Epic Experience Days

Experience Days Article - what to bring

An experience day is the ultimate gift, whether you're buying for a loved one or treating yourself, you're guaranteed to create some unforgettable memories.

We're assuming you’ve most likely landed on this page because you’ve got an experience day booked or you’re thinking of booking one, so we’ve created this nifty guide to answer all your burning questions and give you some insight into the essential gear you might need to make the most of your experience day.

Let’s delve into it.

It's giving someone the gift of an experience instead of something tangible - the world of experience days is absolutely brimming with endless options to suit everyone's interests and hobbies. You'll find everything from unforgettable moonlit summit hikes, gnarly trad climbing excursions, heart-pounding rafting days to enchanted treetop adventures and everything in between.

Now, you might be wondering what gear you'll need to take with you and what you'll need to wear for this upcoming adventure. Lucky for you, we've done all of the hard work, so sit back and scroll through our carefully curated list of adventure-ready products.

Layers, layers and more layers.

Cracking the layering code often baffles people, so think of your outfit as your own thermostat. You might be tempted to pop on that enormous winter coat to keep you warm on your overnight sunrise hike in the Cuillins range, but the most efficient way to stay comfortable is to use the tried and tested layering system to enable you to add and remove items to suit the current conditions.

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Base layers work by wicking moisture away from your skin, protecting your core temperature and by preventing unwanted chaffing and friction.

This means, having a good base layer is fundamental to feeling comfortable on your experience day. So whether you're canoeing along the worlds highest viaduct or bungee jumping over a quarry, make sure those thrill induced sweats are kept under control, keeping you nice n' dry throughout the entire day.

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Having a good mid layer can literally be the difference between having the best day out or miserably trudging back to the car to wait for your mates to finish their gorge walk adventure, so read on to make sure you avoid this rookie wardrobe mistake!

Mid layers are cleverly designed to wick moisture from your base layer and away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable. We can't think of anything worse than spending the rest of the experience day damp after working up a sweat because that casual cotton t-shirt you put on is not mid-layering as you'd hoped.

Finally, be sure to pick something that's not too bulky, you'll want to have full range of movement when you're traversing across that via ferrata route, but you also want something that will efficiently retain and circulate air around your body to keep you cosy on chilly days.

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Whether you're hiking the Three Peaks Challenge or zooming through the forest on a zip wire, you'll likely need a reliable jacket to keep you protected from the elements, no matter the weather.

We've got a huge selection of outerwear products from technical 3-layer hard shell jackets designed for treacherous weather conditions to the humble windbreaker that you can pack away like magic into it's own pocket when the drizzle passes.

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Footwear for Experience Days

Without stating the obvious, your feet need to support your weight on your experience day, and maybe even the weight of your backpack too, depending on the nature of your adventure.
So, it makes sense to choose a pair of comfortable socks and shoes right? But that's not the extent of it. Investing in a good pair of outdoor socks and shoes will have you trekking further and exploring for longer.
Using the idea of the layering system discussed above, think of socks as the base layer for your feet and your shoes as the outer layer.

Your feet are the foundation of every adventure so let's have a look at how you can keep em' happy on your experience day.

As with the outer layer of your clothing, your footwear should first and foremost keep you protected from the elements, you'll also want to make sure they're super comfy too, as you'll likely be wearing them for hours!

Depending on your experience day, you might be after something that prioritises excellent traction and waterproofing so you can navigate the trails with ease, in all conditions.

A good pair of hiking boots or shoes will be great for most experience day activities but you'll need something a little bit more specific if you're doing a bouldering or climbing activity.
Climbing shoes are constructed to provide you with the necessary grip, support, and sensitivity required to navigate various types of rock features whether that's indoors or outdoors. Check out our full range of climbing shoes

If your adventure is airborne then you'll just want something lightweight and comfortable to compliment that free-fall feelin' whilst still offering ample protection - no matter the forecast.

Not sure what to wear for your foraging and cookery experience day?
You might not be hiking over rocky terrain, but you'll still want a supportive pair of shoes that prioritise cushioning and all round comfort so you can be on your feet all day without them fatiguing.

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Socks are often overlooked when it comes to investing in technical clothing for outdoor escapades, we know that this isn't the case, let us explain.

Good socks should be well fitting. Sounds obvious doesn't it?
This is to prevent unwanted chaffing and the dreaded B word that no adventurer wants to hear. Yep, you can avoid blisters simply with socks that fit!

Next up, you'll wanna consider the fabric composition (stay with me here). Each brand will have their own version of the 'perfect' sock, but ultimately it will come down to personal preference and the intended use. As a general rule:

  • Opt for a blend with a high percentage of Merino or Alpaca Wool for high intense activities to keep your feet dry and comfortable thanks to the moisture wicking properties.

  • Smelly feet? No worries, look for socks with a bamboo blend to keep those pesky odours at bay.

  • Look for socks with a stretch Polyester blend for the ultimate and avoid your socks bunching up in all the wrong places.

    Now that we've covered the importance of decent socks we can address shoes.

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  • If you're going to be walking for a prolonged amount of time or are just generally on your feet for a few hours, you might want to consider a pair of insoles for added comfort and support.

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    Bags for Experience Days

    Deciding which bag to take with you on your experience day can be a minefield.
    As you can imagine, the bag you choose will depend on the nature of the experience day so we've categorised different types of bags to suit different adventures.

    If your experience day is outdoors and packed full of adventure then you'll need a good fitting backpack with adjustable straps that's sturdy enough to carry all of your equipment. Not only this, but your backpack will also need to be suitable for all weather conditions, so it will pay dividends to invest in a pack with various weatherproofing features. Alternatively, a waterproof rain protector will also help keep the pack dry.

    As a general guide:

  • Grab a 18L-20L hiking day pack if you're joining a group coastal walk or something similar, it only needs to be big enough to carry essential items such as a sun hat, sun lotion and some water.

  • If your adventure will have you zooming through the forest on a Segway or a zipwire, or if you will be soaring above the clouds in a helicopter, then you'll more than likely have a safe place to store your bags for the duration of the activity, so just choose something that will be big enough to carry your belongings from the car to the meet point.

  • About to embark on a multiday hike? Then you'll need a strong trekking pack with a minimum capacity of around 40L to ensure you can fit everything in that you will need for the duration of the trek. It will also need to be water and wind resistant so that it performs well against the elements.

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    It goes without saying, you'll need a waterproof bag of some description if your experience day means you'll be spending time on or near the water. This could be anything from a beginners surf lesson, canoe trip or a coast-steering excursion. Ensure your belongings stay nice and dry throughout the entire day with a waterproof pack or drybag.

    You may opt for a tow float dry bag which has two functions in one, great for keeping small items dry during water based activities with the added benefit of keeping you visible whilst out on the water.

    We all know photography equipment isn't cheap, so investing in a dedicated camera bag for an experience day that is focused on photography is crucial.

    Choose a bag that has multiple compartments to house all of your kit including spare lenses, adaptors and a tripod so you can capture every moment.

    A shoulder bag will offer easy access to your gear but you might find that a backpack style bag will provide ample storage options, a more comfortable fit and accommodate a heavier load.

    Choose a bag that offers excellent padding in key zones to ensure you can carry the pack for the duration of the experience in comfort.

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    If your experience day is a workshop type activity, for example, foraging for fresh berries in the morning followed by an afternoon of cooking up a killer meal like a pro with your handpicked ingredients, then you'll just need a small backpack, a tote bag or even a small duffle bag. Choose something big enough to fill with PYO goodies.

    Here's a list of extra items to pop in your bag that might come in handy:

  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun lotion
  • Winter gloves
  • Beanie
  • Neckwarmer
  • Beach towel
  • Changing robe
  • Water bottle/hydration system
  • Maps/GPS
  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Headtorch
  • Binoculars
  • Trekking poles
  • Blister prevention
  • Boot gaiters
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