Outdoor Brands Made in the UK

Brands Made in the UK

In today's climate where sustainability is more important than ever, the sourcing of materials, a company's work ethics and production processes are key!

At Absolute-Snow, we offer a variety of products sourced from some of the leading nations in the world, including Italy which is known for its incredible craftsmanship, the USA which has the world at its fingertips for testing various conditions & terrain, and our Scandinavian lines who rank high in sustainable development and connection to nature. But what about where Absolute-Snow is based, here in the UK?

Not only is the UK an incredibly patriotic Island, but we are known globally for some of the best production processes worldwide! Products made in the UK are often considered high quality, mainly due to our historic reputation of producing goods that are well-made, long-lasting and ethical. UK-made brands often signify a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and heritage. This in turn stimulates economic development by creating job opportunities, fostering skill development, and supporting local suppliers and businesses involved in the production process.

This not only strengthens the financial health of the nation but also enhances the overall well-being of its citizens. The UK has a rich history of skilled craftsmanship and high-quality production across various industries, from fashion and textiles to automotive and technology. When a brand is made in the UK, it often carries a sense of pride and authenticity, reflecting the country's heritage and dedication to excellence.

Let’s take a look at some of our featured brands, producing your outdoor equipment right here in the UK, ranging from climbing, hiking, and snow (what would this be without a bit of snow? It’s in our name after all!)

Read about some of our Made in the UK brands below...


Between you and the Wilderness

No, not the big beefy Bison, though they do take inspiration with their distinctive name and logo! Instead, it is an innovative company with a passion for quality products.

In the late 70’s, founder Hamish Hamilton was in the Scottish Highlands when a thought crossed his mind. ‘How do people keep warm in the Arctic Circle in their sleeping bags, using animal hide with fur on the inside?’

And thus, Buffalo was born.

Hamilton reversed the the hide so the tips of the fur were in contact with the skin, and found that moisture-laden air was able to circulate and escape through the porous hide.

Designed for function over fashion, Buffalo sleeping bags were the very first sleeping bags to be made from Pertex, and combined with fibre pile they proved unbeatable for performance in wet and extreme conditions, and for durability. If taken care of properly, they can last even beyond a lifetime.

As Buffalo say and are rightly so, incredibly proud of; they are ‘Still Made in the UK.’ When many other brands outsource to lower costs, Buffalo stayed true to their ethics and still continues to produce in their Sheffield Site. They do this so the team are able to constantly control and refine their processes, ensuring their production is superior.

Not only do they produce here, but they are also environmentally aware and super sustainable. For over 40 years, they have repaired garments in their Sheffield factory; Made locally, repaired locally and never sent to landfill. By doing this, they are not only reducing the impact on the environment, but you’re getting cracking value for money! Instead of buying a new sleeping bag, you can simply send it for repair and save yourself some dosh!

As well as a finely crafted sleeping bag, you can also pick up jackets, pants, mitts, hoods and even a children’s range called ‘Little Buffalo’.

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Climb Now, Work Later

With a passion for climbing and mountaineering, DMM has taken the industry by storm. Featuring an extensive range of equipment for professional and recreational use, this cutting-edge company are passionate about getting their products out at the right place, right time, and are taking their first steps in its sustainability journey for a more eco-friendly process of production.

Founded in 1981 as Moorhouse Engineering in Bethesda, soon-to-become DMM moved to more suitable premises in Llanberis in 86’. Back in 81’, the company employed just 4 people, but now over 40 years on, they are an important employer in the area with over 200 dedicated team members.

In recent years, DMM has added a large extension to the factory site to allow them to lay out a purpose-built assembly area and also a CNC Machining area. It’s their vision that this huge change will allow them to be more efficient and competitive, and maintain their unique position as the sole manufacturer of climbing hardware in the UK.

DMM Hardware is made in their factory in Wales UK, this allows them to keep their supply chain as short as possible and support the local economy. Where many companies outsource, DMM has decided to keep their production local and empower the community.

While Forging is not so common these days (due to modern and technological advances), DMM is one of the few companies in the UK to still manufacture using this high-quality craftsmanship skill, and they very rarely have any defects since that process is so meticulous and precise.

Not only are they becoming more environmentally aware by utilising EarthPositive Organic clothing in their products, but they also support Carbon Reduction and the Fair Wear Foundation.

Another aspect of their incredible sustainability journey is the longevity of the products they make; by manufacturing high-quality, durable products; they maximise the product life span. With careful maintenance, some of their products can potentially last more than a lifetime. Pow! How’s that for sustainability?!

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We are Butta, and we’re changing the wax game!

Founded in 2011 within Dad's humble garage, Butta set out on a mission to revolutionise the wax game by crafting the cleanest low-fluoro carbon snow wax available.

Their journey began amidst the thrill of shredding the gnar, dreaming of creating an ethical, locally sourced product that supports the very industry we love.

Today, their product lines encompass snow, surf, skate, and eco-friendly apparel. With a dedication to preserving the environment, they offer 100% eco-friendly wax alongside scrapers, brushes, towels, and servicing kits to complete your sustainable adventure.

Join Butta in making a difference while having a blast on the slopes and waves!

Each block of this exceptional wax is meticulously handmade and packaged by Butta at their 90% solar-powered office situated on a scenic peacock farm in Surrey.

At Butta, sustainability is at the core of everything they do. They believe in greener waxes that help slash carbon footprints, support our local UK economy, and preserve the mountains and oceans we all cherish and love.

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