The story behind the Elan Ski Brand

Elan skis, maybe you’ve seen them around, maybe you know them well or perhaps you don’t know them at all. Here’s our quick guide to this amazing ski brand from Slovenia.

Ski brands don’t come more authentic than Elan. All Elan skis are 100% built by hand in Begunje in the Slovenian Alps. They started building skis in 1945 and now run the biggest ski factory in the world.

Their skis have won more awards than you can shake a stick at thanks to their constant innovation. The biggest ski innovation in recent history came from Elan when the SCX carving ski came onto the market in 1990. It’s not an exaggeration to say all skis evolved differently due to the Elan SCX.

More recently in 2011 Elan introduced the Amphibio concept, an original technology that uniquely combines powerful edge grip and easy turning by combining camber and rocker on specific left and right skis. No-one else does this and it’s a clear advantage for Elan skiers. All our Elan skis feature this technology. It makes every turn easy and smooth while maintaining high levels of edge grip and performance.

How do you measure a perfect skiing day? Great snow conditions and sunny weather are a good start, but the real joy is found when we laugh and throw high fives after a great run. A great day of skiing is different for everyone, but they all have one thing in common - good times.

Elan want their skiers to have the best time possible on the mountain and share that experience with the people closest to them - that’s what skiing is all about. And that is why the Elan mantra is ‘Always Good Times’. It’s fundamental to everything Elan does.

So there you have it, Elan is one of the most innovative and award winning ski brands on the market today. Their skis are beautifully crafted and most importantly are so much fun to ski on.

We have yet to find anyone who didn’t enjoy skiing on Elan skis. If you are considering new skis get yourself a pair of the latest Elan skis, there will be no regrets, only good times.

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