Top 9 Things You Need for a Ski or Snowboard Trip

We all dream about living in the mountains, having the perfect runs on our door step and seeing out the winter in the only way we know how - Riding!

Seasonaires are those lucky people who up and leave the normal life to go spend the winter months in the mountains, living the life that most of us only dream of. It sounds like a great way to live, but what are the essential items you need to get yourself through the winter?

We asked some veteran seasonaires about the items they couldn't live without whilst enjoying the snow here's what we put together.

1. Jacket

Probably the most essential piece of kit you need in terms of surviving the ever changing weather conditions youll face whilst on the mountain. Knowing a little about the waterproof ratings, breathability and seams can mean the difference between shivering on a chair lift and riding until the lifts close. Your perfect jacket is something that will provide you comfort and warmth throughout the winter months. Click here if you want a little more info on buying your new jacket or a more detailed view on waterproof ratings.

2. Goggles

When you are on the mountain every day, the chances are the conditions you ride in will change. It can go from a classic bluebird to whiteout in literally a matter of minutes, so, the right goggles need to have the ability to adapt to different light conditions. Top tip - having a spare lens in your pocket can increase your riding time when the light falls flat. Need a bit more advice? Take a look at our Absolute Guide to Goggles and Lenses.

3. Helmet

Its a piece of equipment that needs no explaining - you've only got one head so its best to protect it. One thing that is worth mentioning, most snow parks in Europe require all riders to wear a helmet whilst hitting the rails or kickers.

The range is huge, with everything from ear piece headphones to built-in beanies, investing in a helmet means you'll probably get to the end of the season without a head injury. Need more info?

4. Thermals

Probably essential items that you dont think you need until you try them out. The weather and temperature in the mountains is the one thing thats not predictable. It can drop into minus figures with very little warning. Decent thermals and base layers will become your new best friend, keeping you warm whilst riding but also adding that extra warmth when out in the evening. With so many different technologies involved in the design of base layers, youll never go cold again.

5. Protection

Investing in some form of protection, whether it's impact shorts, aback brace or even wrist guards, can mean the difference between your holiday being cut short or hitting that slush at the end of spring.

6. Mid Layers

Layering up, such a simple idea but absolutely essential when you spend every day out on the snow. Its easier to get up the mountain, realise you are too warm and remove a layer than it is to be too cold when up the top. Mid layers are essential, technical fleeces, warm hoodies and moisture wicking long sleeve tees will be items you will live in day to day. Peel back the layers with our Absolute Guide to Layering.

7. Socks

Think your cheap socks from any old shop are going to get you through the season? Think again. It does seem like a weird choice, but when you think about it, you will be living in your snow socks every day, so you will want them to be comfortable, technical and long lasting. You can never have too many pairs of socks. You'll be thankful on those spring days when your socks haven't dried from the day before Just don't forget to wash them! Click here for everything you need to know about socks!

8. Supports

Once again, not an obvious choice, but there will come a time where you will probably pull a muscle or slightly tweak something. It will probably be easier and cheaper to take out some supports of your own. Do you want to miss out on precious powder when it falls because you don't have a knee brace? You can never be too prepared.

9. Backpack

Theres a lot of moving around on a snow holiday. Trips to the airport, shopping, days in the park and hiking to that ridge to get some fresh lines. Having a backpack that can withstand every situation is a must.

It has to be able to handle the cold and wet, fit all your essentials as well as offer protection to your high value items. Its best to do your research before buying your new backpack.

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