Atlas is the captivating tale of an idea that transformed into a trailblazing brand. In 1990, visionary entrepreneurs Perry Klebahn and Jim Klingbeil birthed the concept of Spring Loaded Suspension for snowshoes. What started as a Stanford graduate project evolved into the cornerstone of one of the most technologically innovative outdoor brands.


Since its inception, Atlas has steadfastly upheld two guiding principles: that advanced technology elevates the outdoor experience, captivating the hearts of enthusiast; and to not just be the creators of gear, but to be ardent advocates, igniting the passion for winter exploration.

Atlas’ unwavering commitment to the winter odyssey propels them to craft the most technically advanced, high-performance snowshoes on the market today. With 19 patents and counting, their journey persists in the pursuit of creating unparalleled snowshoe products, driving outdoor enthusiasts
to venture further, dream bigger, and embrace the boundless wonders of winter.


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