Dalbello make high end ski boots with a boot available for every skiing style.


By the time Alessandro and Giovanna Dal Bello founded the company in 1974, they had already made their mark as incredibly skilled ski boot craftsmen. Deciding to go their own way after a period of contract work, the company set upon changing the way we think about ski boots forever.

The 1970s were an exciting decade for the ski industry, and Dalbello more than played their role in that. Their engineers helped push the boundaries in shoe technology and became one of the pioneers in the transition from using leather to plastic materials.

Their reputation for the incredible quality of their fits helped Dalbello tap into the race market in the 1980s. No doubt helped by the introduction of their incredible Carvex Series of carving-specific boots in 1997, the company ended the twentieth century in partnership with distributors in many of the biggest markets in the world, including North America and Japan.

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