Innovative climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts, Edelrid design and produce quality climbing ropes, harnesses, shoes, apparel and hardware with fine tuned details and carefully chosen complementary colourways. 


EDELRID was founded by Julius EDELmann and Carl RIDder in 1863. At first, the company made braids and cords. Julius Edelmann was a salesman and mountaineer, Carl Ridder a technician who specialised in braiding machines. The faces might have changed over the years but EDELRID remains as innovative and creative to this day as ever before.

In 1953 EDELRID invented the kernmantel rope and revolutionised the world of climbing. Materials and production techniques were constantly improved. Eleven years later, EDELRID produced a rope capable of withstanding multiple falls – the forerunner of the modern dynamic climbing rope. Climbing has never looked back since.

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