Fizan have a long heritage of designing and engineering quality and functional poles for all sports from hiking, trekking, nordic walking all the way to winter touring and skiing. They are proud of being made in Italy since 1947 and use environmentally-friendly production practices.


Fizan are a prominent organisation specialising in the manufacturing of trekking, nordic walking, and ski poles. Situated just an hour's drive away from Venice, their headquarters embody the essence of Italian craftsmanship and design, which is evident in each and every one of their products.

As a united family, they foster a culture of mutual assistance and maintain a strong bond within their closely-knit team. Each team member carries out their designated responsibilities, combining their efforts with utmost dedication.

They consistently strive for growth and enhancement in all aspects, both from a business standpoint and in catering to the needs of their valued consumers. Their relentless pursuit of progress ensures continuous improvement and innovation.

Fizan's product range is specifically designed for the outdoor realm, and in recognizing the importance of environmental preservation, they are committed to safeguarding the planet. Throughout the years, they have embraced an eco-friendly approach and implemented various practices to promote environmental sustainability.

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