Fly Bikes

Fly Bikes

Fly Bikes have been one of the coolest companies in BMX since 1999. This Spanish company have some of the lightest parts with innovations so simple they just work take for instance there frames with built in removable chain tensioners.

The Fly Bikes team is full of cool dudes too with Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos and Kevin Porter all having a firm place. Ruben and Sergio have both got plenty of signature parts and anyone that has seen Kevin Porter ride knows he is inspired.

Fly's part list covers Frames, Forks, Handlebars, Cranks, Stems, Saddles, Seat Posts, Headsets, Bottom Brackets, Brake Levers, Cables, Brakes, Grips and Tyres. As well as theses hardgoods Fly also have loads of cool shirts so check them out.


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