Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks (Way Funky) create colourful and chlorine-resistant swimwear perfect for indoor and outdoor pool swimming. After incredible brand development, Way Funky also produces high-quality competitive swimwear products allowing you to perform and look your best in the water.

Funky Trunks

Way Funky & Funky Trunks has been an established swimwear brand in Australia since its emergence in 2002. With almost a decade of swimwear passion and knowledge, the brand utilises expertise and fine craftsmanship to create colourful, chlorine-resistant swimwear.

Way Funky prides itself in creating the most unique and powerfully-looking swimwear on the market today. The brand primarily focuses on leisure and indoor/outdoor pool swimming. However, in recent years and with incredible expertise, Way Funky now offers its competitive swimwear range with the same ethos of being colourful, powerful and performance-enhancing.

The brand focuses its passion towards products that are durable and vibrant. All manufactured swimwear is chlorine-resistant, making them perfect for all kinds of pool swimming. Ergonomic in design, the swimwear is incredibly comfortable and aims to keep you in the water for as long as possible.

Founded by Duncan McLean in 2002, the brand has come a long way since its foundation. It is now a staple household name in the swimwear market in Australia and with products that reflect the brand's ethos of both performance and fun, it continues to grow and influence swimmers everywhere.

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