For nearly two decades HydraPak have been testing the limits of design & innovation to redefine the future of hydration.  Their mission is simple...


To relentlessly create better hydration solutions for performance-driven people.

From simple refinement to inventing a new category, HydraPak is built on the principle of design and innovation. They work closely with the outdoors community; constantly testing and refining their designs to create robust, safe, and reliable products designed to go with you anywhere. From re-usable water bottles that collapse to stow in a pocket to large-capacity soft water carriers for multi-day expeditions. Whether you're hiking the Highlands or running the daily commute, HydraPak offer a convenient way to stay refreshed; one that cuts down on plastic waste and is safe for you and your family.

HydraPak products are built to last; crafted to withstand the challenges of the harshest of environments. Athletes around the world depend on HydraPak products to perform, so they can perform at their peak. This guiding principle has underlined every HydraPak product since the beginning and will continue to drive them into the future.


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