Karakoram have developed their snowboard and splitboard bindings to be the pinnacle of snowboarding performance. All of Karakoram's products are designed to improve the rider experience through high performance and quality, giving you everything you need to make your backcountry adventure an adventure.


Twin brothers Tyler and Bryce Kloster founded Karakoram in February 2008 to follow their dream of combining their careers with a shared passion for the mountains. Skiing and snowboarding had always been a part of their lives, starting skiing at the age of three and eventually moving on to snowboarding in the late 80s. Their first glimpse into backcountry exploration came about in high school where they had just started teaching snowboarding at the Alpental Ski Area in Washington state.

Both Tyler and Bryce have degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, AASI Level III Snowboard Certifications, a combined 30+ years of mechanical design experience and a lifetime of skiing and snowboarding. With their education and experience they have set out to push backcountry gear to the next level, starting with the Split30 splitboard system in 2009.


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