Here we offer some help and advice on how to choose between buying a facemask or neck chube (neck warmer, gaiter, chube or snood) for snowboarding or skiing.  Both will protect your neck and face from wind, rain, snow and harsh sunshine. The main difference is that chubes need to be pulled on over your head and have no closure system at the back of the neck whilst facemasks need to be ‘closed’ using Velcro or by tying, bandanna style.

If using a chube, you need to remember to put it on before your goggles, glasses, helmet or hat and, once on, you will need to keep it on – or remove everything else first.  A facemask, on the other hand, can be put on and taken off at will – allowing you to better regulate your temperature should weather conditions change or should you begin to overheat through physical exertion.

Some people prefer a neck chube because facemasks can be a little fiddly to put on and to secure into the exact position you want them. During extreme winter sports you move a lot and so your jacket or other clothing can cause a facemask to move or to come loose so you may need to reposition a facemask or re-close it from time to time.  

For kids, we strongly recommend a neck chube over a facemask because they come off less easily and are less easily lost!

If you have long hair, you may also find a neck chube a better option because it removes the need for any fastening. 

A facemask, however, comes into it’s own if you want to don and doff it regularly to help regulate your temperature or to wipe your goggles.


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