How to Stick on A Stomp Pad

Stomp Pad

This is a question we get asked a lot and the simple answer is on the surface of your snowboard! Everyone has a slightly different stance when riding with one foot out of their bindings but as a general rule your stomp pad should be placed somewhere between the bindings, usually about half a boot's width from your rear binding, close to the centre of the snowboard. If you strap your front foot into your binding and place your rear foot in a comfortable position between your bindings you will get a good idea of the best place to stick your stomp pad.

Stomp pads will not stick well if the surface of your board is textured, dirty, badly damaged or wet. They only really work on smooth surfaces that are clean, dry and free from dust and dirt. You must ensure your snowboard is spotlessly clean and completely free from grease. Even the natural grease from a finger print can cause adhesion to fail and your stomp pad to fall off on the slopes. You have been warned! The best time to mount a stomp pad is when your snowboard is brand new but if you prepare your snowboard there is no reason why you can't attach it to a 10 year old deck.

Just follow these simple steps to stick your stomp pad to your snowboard.
1. Make sure your snowboard is clean, dry and free from dirty and dust. Snowboard Base Cleaner is a great way to clean the surface of your snowboard.
2. The best place to attach a stomp pad is indoors on a flat surface such as carpet. This will stop the snowboard sliding around while you're trying to attach the stomp pad.
3. Make sure both the pad and board are warm (at least room temperature) to help adhesion. Leave them in a warm place for at least 12 hours before mounting the pad.
4. Work out where you want to stick the stomp pad, using the graphic on the board or a place marker to remind you where you want it but do not think about touching the deck of your board with your fingers!
5. You also need to keep your greasy fingers away from the back of the stomp pad, gently peel off the backing to reveal the sticky side.
6. Without touching the sticky side, place the stomp pad onto the desired position on your board and press it down. 7. Apply even pressure to the stomp pad using a heavy book or something similar for an hour or two.
8. For the best chance of the stomp pad staying in place, don't ride your board for around 24 hours.

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