Pros & Cons of a Onesie for Skiing and Snowboarding!

Thinking of investing in a onesie one piece snowboard or ski suit? Not sure if you would be better off with a separate pair of trousers and a jacket?

Checkout some opinions on the pros and cons of the best option to go for.

What is the advantage of a onesie all in one snowboard or ski suit versus two pieces?


Back in the 1980's one piece ski suits were very popular then they became seriously uncool and no one under the age of 55 wore one up until just a few years ago. You could (and still can) find a few old timers wearing the same one piece suit they bought back in 1985 - just look for the purple, pink and green colours!

Now everything has changed.

Maybe it was because onesies became so unfashionable and so heavily associated with old skool skiers that rebels decided to wear them and they became seriously cool once again, on the grounds that "I do not care what anyone else thinks". The revival started with hard core snowboarders and then free skiers joined in.

Now a growing number of both skiers and snowboarders are buying one piece suits again. The new suits look and feel nothing like the old school ski suits from the 1980's. They are big, loose fitting and come with a completely different image and user profile! It is cool to be uncool but there are some serious practical benefits too. The technology has come on massively since the 1980s.

Onesie Pros

Much warmer - and not just because you avoid exposing your mid rift to the elements when doing aerials or wiping out! A onesie is warmer than a separate jacket and pants in much the same way as mitts are warmer than gloves. The 'single compartment' concept helps all of your body bits to keep each other warm.

No snow up your jumper or down your pants! Seriously, this is a big plus if you venture into the powder - especially when your body heat melts the snow!

Good value. Sure, they can appear to be expensive but prices do vary enormously from brand to brand. On the whole, comparing like for like quality, it works out cheaper to buy a onesie than it does a separate pair of pants with a jacket.

Onesie Cons

You will only really wear a one piece for snowboarding and skiing (though mine has been used sailing in the winter and sledging in the UK with the kids). Some people buy a ski jacket with a view to using it as dual purpose winter coat but you can not really walk down the Fulham Road wearing your onesie. Come to think of it, a snowboard or ski jacket would look naff too.

You can replace a ski jacket or pants without having to replace both (unless you are the sort of person who insists on matching or coordinating tops and bottoms). If you shred the arse out of your snowboard pants, you do not have to replace an entire suit - you can just buy some new pants.

Ladies need to take an upper layer off to go to the loo.

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