What are the different types of snowboard bases and why do colours vary?

Snowboard Base

Die cut bases have multiple pieces of base material that are cut out of sheets and slotted together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Pieces of base are alternated between boards to minimise waste and help save the environment. It does mean that base colours vary from board to board. The colours are always the same as shown in our photos but the position of each colour relative to the other colours does vary. We do not always have a photograph of every colour choice, so the boards base we send you may differ from that shown in our photos. Here are a few examples of die cut bases and the different variations that may be supplied.

As you can see, the main colours do not change, but the positions of the colours on the base do.

Die Cut Bases

Sublimation is a method of printing where a graphic is printed onto a piece of material then clear base material is laid over the top. This method of production allows for a more detailed base graphic to be applied, however the finished product is usually not quite as bold or sharp as a die cut base.

Snowboards with sublimated base graphics tend not to vary because there are no colours to alternate. However, some brands do produce a variety of different sublimated base graphics. If this is the case we do our very best to supply the version shown in our photos. We cannot, however, guarantee an exact graphic match because we have no control over the graphics we receive from the manufacturer.

Here are some examples of sublimated base graphics. As you can see, they are much more detailed and include less base variation.

Sublimated Bases

We are able to offer a choice of base colour options on some snowboards but it is only possible if the board has a 'Die Cut' base and if we have sufficient stock. If you have a colour preference out of the options shown on the website and the board has a die cut base, please send us an email describing your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. We have no control over which base colours we receive from the manufacturers so supplying the exact colour choice you want may not always be possible.

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