Why Do You Need a Snowboard Lock?

Once you have bought your shiny new snowboard, it is going to stand out in a crowd and, unfortunately, it could attract a thief.

Most snowboard thefts are opportunistic, meaning someone sees an unattended and unlocked snowboard and they simply take it because they can. The best security solution is to lock your board using a snowboard lock. Then, should a thief be passing, it is unlikely to be your board which he grabs. There are usually plenty of other unlocked boards easier for him to snatch.

Each year we are contacted by customers asking for proof of purchase on their snowboard because they have had to make an insurance claim.

The stories are all sadly familiar. Boards left outside restaurants and bars, the backs of cars and even on hotel balconies have all been taken. Locking your board my not prevent the most determined of thieves but it will slow him down and this is the important point - thieves do not like to hang around, so a good snowboard lock my slow him down enough to deter him altogether.

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