Absolute Ambassador: Daniel Williams

Hometown | Enfield has been my home since I remember and while I spent my university years at Royal Holloway down in Surrey, I am a North London guy born and raised.

How old were you when you got in to photography? | My photography started during my GCSEs where for a break Id head into local woodlands, with a friend at the time, in the attempt to stalk and photograph deer. To very limited success.

However, as I became more immersed in adventurous escapes the camera came with me and I developed my style from there.

Favourite place you've ever shot | The location that holds a special place in my heart is the French Alps surrounding Chamonix, the stomping ground of alpinism. I feel honoured to be part of the lineage of amateur alpinists and adventure photographers who call the mountains surrounding the idyllic town a second home.

Dream photography destination | Whilst I have good fortune to travel, Alaska has always called to the inner adventurer in me. It would be a pleasure to follow in the footsteps of the explorer William Healey Dale while capturing the unforgiving environment through a lens.

Bio | Amateur alpinist, seasoned backpacker, wild-swimmer, and self-proclaimed human panda generally out of his depth.