Absolute Ambassador: Jade Walsh

Hometown | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Sponsors | Absolute-Snow, Snozone Nikita Clothing

Competition Results | 1st U16 Air Attack at Snotrax (Summer '16), 3rd U16 Hemel Kid's Jam, 3rd U16 English Slopestyle Championship, 1st U16 Air-Attack at Snotrax (winter '16), British indoor U16 slopestyle 2nd 2nd overall ('15), Scottish U16 indoor slopestyle 3rd ('15), British U16 indoor slopestyle champion ('16) Scottish U16 indoor slopestyle champion 3rd overall ('16)

Music | Chart music/pop

Food | Cheesy garlic bread, chocolate

Other Stuff | I enjoy tennis, being a pool shark training at my local gym. I also have a dog called TJ who my dad walks for me!

Biggest Idols | Scott Stevens, my Dad (Walshy)

Bio | My dad, Walshy, has always been a regular at Snozone Milton Keynes. When I was 5 I asked him if I could learn to snowboard a delighted dad got me some lessons we have been boarding together ever since.

My first sponsor was Snozone, they have been supporting me since I was 6. In this time I have been able to ride with some of the top riders like Scott Stevens, Jenny Jones Halldor Helgason who have been a great motivation an inspiration to watch ride.

Every year I travel the UK competing, meeting new people catching up with old friends. It's always great to see new faces new girls joining the sport.

I absolutely love snowboarding. Nothing compares to strapping in just hitting the slope, pushing myself to do better having a top shred, whether it's just a weekly session, a jam or a competition it's all just RAD!

The feeling when you deliver a new trick is uber cool.