Faction Men's Ski & Snowboard Jackets Size Guide

Chest (cm)
XS 84 - 89
S 90 - 95
M 96 - 101
L 102 - 107
XL 108 - 113
XXL 114 - 120

How to Measure Your Chest & Arm Length

  • Wear just an undergarment or nothing at all.
  • Stand up straight with your arms hanging by your sides and breath normally.
  • Run a soft tape measure under your arm pits over the largest part of your chest and across your shoulder blades.
  • The tape measure should be snug, but not tight.
  • Ask a friend to run a soft tape measure from the centre of the back of your neck, across to the tip of one shoulder, then down the outside of your arm to your wrist bone.
  • The Fit

    Faction ski jackets come in three 'fits'. Check the product description on each jacket to see which applies.

  • Standard Fit. This is Faction's classic fit, used in the majority of their range and designed to provide enough space for layering whilst not being overly baggy.
  • Standard Tech Fit. Very similar to the standard fit however this fit balances modern style with a slightly tighter fit to support the use of harnesses & packs.
  • Progressive Fit. Progressive Fit is slightly longer in the body and straighter in the waist giving a more baggy fit.

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