How to Choose the Ideal Ski Length / Size

Most skiers choose skis which, when stood on end, come between shoulder height and 15cm above their head height. As a starting point, choose skis which come up to your nose then make adjustments according to the factors described below. The more factors applicable to you, the more adjustments you should make.

Pick Skis Below Nose Height If:

  • You are a beginner or improving skier
  • You are lighter than average for your height
  • You like to make short, quick turns and rarely ski really fast
  • You want a pure carving ski with no rocker.
  • You ski on dry slopes or in snowdomes.

Pick Skis Above Nose Height If:

  • You like to ski fast and aggressively
  • You are heavier than average for your height
  • You plan to do a lot of off piste skiing
  • You plan to use a twin-tip ski or plan to hit a lot of big kickers
  • You want a ski that has a lot of rocker
  • You are an advanced skier

If you follow the above advice you will most likely end up choosing a pair of skis which fall into the size range shown in the tables below. If unsure, choose a pair in the middle of the recommended range indicated by the tables. Find your weight in the left column then read across until you come to the size range shown in the column for your height.

Men's Ski Size Chart (Metric)

Height/Weight <152cm 154-168cm 168-182cm 182-195cm +195cm
<49kg 115-130 135-150 150-160 160-165 170-175
50-59kg 125-140 145-155 155-165 165-170 175-180
60-69kg 130-145 150-160 160-170 170-175 180-185
70-79kg 135-150 155-165 165-175 175-180 185-190
80-89kg 140-155 160-170 170-180 180-185 190-195
90-95kg 145-160 165-175 175-185 185-190 195-200
+95kg 160+ 175+ 185+ 190+ 200+

Women's Ski Size Chart (Metric)

Women can use men's skis but female specific skis are designed to suit a woman's stature and lower centre of gravity, with softer flex patterns and generally thinner waist widths, giving a better response and feel for most female skiers. This is why the ski lengths recommended in this table are not the same as those recommended for men of the same height and weight choosing a pair of men's skis.

Height/Weight <152cm 154-168cm 168-182cm
<49kg 135-137 138-152 154-166
50-59kg 137-139 140-154 157-169
60-69kg 138-140 142-156 160-172
70-79kg 139-141 145-158 163-175
80-89kg 140-142 148-161 165-177
90-95kg 141-143 151-164 167-179
+95kg 144+ 166+ 180+

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