Reef Footwear Sizes

The Fit

Reef sandals and flip flops fit true to size straight out of the box.

Size conversions between the different worldwide measuring systems (Mondo, UK and US) are accurate and correct with just a few minor exceptions for some EU sizes. The column entitled "EU Absolute" is our calculation of the equivalent EU shoe size. We are convinced the "EU Absolute" column is correct because it is used by most other brands and because the sequence of sizes follows a consistent pattern. EU shoe sizes increase in 3.333mm increments - which is why, when presented to a single decimal point, they should always end with .0, .3 or .7 and never with .5.

On Our Website: On our website we use Reef sizes (even though they are not always correct) because these are what appear on the shoe boxes and the shoes themselves.

Mondo UK US Men's US Wmn's EU (Reef) EU (Absolute)
22 3 4 5 35 35.3
23 4 5 6 36 36.7
24 5 6 7 37.5 38
25 6 7 8 38.5 / 39 39.3
26 7 8 9 40 40.7
27 8 9 10 41 / 42 42
28 9 10 11 42.5 / 43 43.3
29 10 11 44 44.7
30 11 12 45 46
31 12 13 46 47.3
32 13 14 47 48.7
33 14 15 48 50

How to Measure Your Foot Size

Snowboard boots are sized using the Mondopoint system which is very simple, making it nice and easy to choose the correct boot size. The Mondopoint size is the length of the inside of the boot liner, measured in cm.

To work out your size, the best way is to look it up on a pair of snowboard boots which fit you well but, if this is your first pair, measure the length of the insole on your best fitting pair of trainers. Remove the insole and measure, using a steal measuring tape, from the extreme tip of the toe to the extreme tip of the heel.

The measurement will always be exact to the nearest 0.5cm. You will never get 30.2 or 28.8; it will always be 30.0 exactly. This is your mondo shoe or boot size.

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