Ski & Snowboard Goggle Size Chart

Different ski and snowboard goggles come in different sizes for different shaped and sized faces. It is important to try on goggles to get the right fit but to help you work out the most suitable frame size we have grouped our goggles into the sizes below. We have done our best to group goggles into their most appropriate category however this is only a guide and whilst one 'Medium' goggle may be a perfect fit, another 'Medium' goggle may have a different shape and therefore not fit. The images below are an example of some goggles which fit into the respective categories and are used as a demonstration only

Extra Small

Best suited to small kids.

Ideal for young children or women with smaller than average face sizes.

Ideal for most women's faces, teenagers or smaller men's faces.


Ideal for most adult faces and women who prefer a larger frame size.


Slightly bigger than average for a larger looking goggle that will fit most adult male faces.


For larger adult face sizes and that oversized goggle look.


Over The Glasses goggles allow you to wear prescription eyeglasses under your goggles.

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